What to Expect?

  1. Our service runs from 10:50am to noon
  2. We love kids. We understand that some parents want the family to sit together during church, others want the kids to have a place just for them. Wether you have the family sit together or the kids do their own thing, children are welcomed, loved, and we have a few very experienced folks always happy to help with the kids.
  3. Our service music is best explained as balanced. We use tracks, guitars, drums, keyboard, and sometimes what is best described as music videos. On any given Sunday you may hear an old hymn made new, an up tempo contemporary praise song, and maybe a good old gospel song. We have a praise team, use a projection presentations system, and welcome cell phone Bibles. Our pastor encourages people to make us of technology, so we have special apps for your cell phone that even pops up the Bible verses for you while he preaches. 
  4. Our people dress comfortably, but modestly. Some dress up a bit for special Sundays like Christmas time and Easter, and our pastor likes to wear a tie on Special Sundays. Usually folks just wear jeans or something else comfortable. The air conditioning is set to 75 degrees, so bring something warmer if that sounds too cold for you. We have throw blankets available for folks that get a chill available in the worship center. 
  5. We have an entrance specifically for folks with walking restrictions located on the north side of the property (that’s the bigger parking lot side). Use the door on the side of the building under the small overhang. No stairs, no ramps, just easy as can be. We suggest you park right in front of that door.