About Us

First Baptist Church Minneola (FL)

Address: 105 S Galena Avenue Minneola, FL 34715

Phone: (352) 394-3957

The First Baptist Church of Minneola meets in a quiet neighborhood just off highway 27 right in the middle of the city. From that location the church has served God in the community for over sixty years. The property sits on the corner of Pearl Street and Galena Avenue one block to the east of highway 27 just down the road from the charter elementary school.

From the time of my call to serve this church in February of 2011 up until today, I've watched the people of FBC Minneola make many sacrifices to see that the message of Jesus is made available to people. From their sacrificial giving to their heartfelt prayers, I've come to love this people. Honestly, it's not that hard a thing to do. The people at FBC Minneola are some of the finest people you could hope to meet. They are genuinely some of the most loving and other-people center folks around.

I don't know what brings you here, but I do hope you will consider this my invitation to you to come and join us at one of our services. We have three different "styles" that meet here. We worship as contemporary Baptist, as Messianic believes, and as a younger Spanish speaking crowd. The best way to get to know us is by attending one of these services and talking with some of the people, Don't be intimidated as we are just regular folks. Yet, with the exception that we want to make sure that you know that Jesus loves you and so do we.

May you be blessed today,

Pastor Tim Burdick